comic-con Sunday

Well, comic-con is over and done with for this year. Today was pretty mellow. I went to three panels — a DC panel, the second Cartoon Voices panel, and an “Art of the Cover” panel. All were great. Only the voice panel was uncomfortably crowded. I didn’t buy anything at the con today though, other than coffee. I feel kind of bad about that, but really, I’ve got plenty of stuff in my reading pile at home right now. The last thing I need is more books to read! Over the course of the con, I think I bought just three trade paperbacks, and several toys, most of which are for other people. I think this is the least amount of stuff I’ve ever bought at the con.

The NY Times actually has an article about the con. A decade ago, I wouldn’t have imagined an article about comic-con showing up in the NY Times; now, it’s really not that surprising. The article concentrates on the Hollywood stuff, mostly, which I completely skipped out on this year. I didn’t go to either Stargate panel, the BSG panel, or any of the movie studio panels. I never saw the inside of Hall H or Room 20 at all this year.

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