April 2007

Okay, this is pretty goofy, but I’m a big fan of the His Dark Materials books. (Goofy embed that doesn’t work anymore has been removed.)

Interesting stuff in NYC over the next few weeks: April 30 – May 5 is Spider-Man Week in NYC. The Met’s new Greek and Roman galleries opened on April 20. […]

A few months back, I blogged about ACM’s deal with Safari and Books 24×7, where ACM members can access a subset of these online libraries. At the time, the book […]

We’ve been having some trouble with our main ASP.NET application in work recently. (It’s our intranet, basically.) It’s been growing a lot lately, with more and more functionality being added […]

I finally finished entering all my passwords into KeePass. I previously blogged about this here and here. So it looks like it took me a little over a month to […]

Film Forum is running a series of old James Bond films, starting at the end of this month. I’ve never seen any of the old ones on a big screen, […]

As long as I’m linking to comics, this Shoe makes me feel a little better about my turning 40 last month.

I’m a sucker for crossovers. And here’s another one! Lio is definitely the funniest strip out there right now.