January 2007

I’ve been fighting a cold all this week. I guess I’m mostly over it, but I had a really sore throat today. I think I drank about 9 cups of […]

I registered for WonderCon today, and made my travel arrangements. This will be the third year I’ve gone out to SF for WonderCon. I was originally going to skip it […]

David Pogue has an iPhone FAQ up on his blog.A few disappointing items, assuming he’s correct: Can it run Mac OS X programs? –No.Can I add new programs to it? […]

I have to admit I’m pretty interested in the iPhone. When it first started looking like the rumors were true, and this was really going to be coming out, I […]

The Wall Street Journal has a CES blog page that’s pretty good. Not a lot of noise; mostly useful product write-ups and a few humorous side stories.

A couple of years back, I spent a little time looking into the comic strip subscription services that are available online. I blogged about it here, and what I wrote […]

The Wall Street Journal launched their (print) redesign today. The paper looks good, and has not been turned into USA Today, which I guess was the main thing that people […]