I just spent some time going through my Amazon.com wish list, looking for CDs that I’ve had on there for awhile, and that might be available on eMusic or through iTunes. I was surprised to find a couple of oddball items on eMusic. “Fishing With John” by John Lurie, the soundtrack to his odd TV show on IFC, is available on eMusic and iTunes. It’s $17 on Amazon, and the usual $10 on iTunes. Through eMusic, it would cost about $5.75, since there are 23 tracks, and I pay (generally) a quarter a track. So, a pretty good deal.
“Angles Without Edges,” by Yesterday’s New Quintet, is also $17 on Amazon. It’s got 19 tracks, so it’s about $4.75 at eMusic. I have to remember to keep checking eMusic before I buy something at Amazon or iTunes!
Alas, The Brak Album doesn’t seem to be available on either eMusic or iTunes, so that’ll stay on the Amazon wish list for now.

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