September 2005

Neomem looks like a really neat little organizer. I played around with it a bit yesterday. I’d probably switch to it over my current organizer, Vault, if only there was […]

My new mattress is mighty comfy. Definitely worth the money. I ordered a new iBook today. Basically, the current standard 14″ model, with the RAM upped to 1 GB. I’m […]

As I sit here waiting for my new mattress to be delivered, I thought I’d check out the Wikipedia article on mattresses. Really, I should have checked this *before* buying […]

You know, I completely missed this until I saw it mentioned in an article today. iTunes 5 has playlist folders! I’ve been waiting for this one for quite a while. […]

I spent some time today surfing through a bunch of .net stuff. I’ve been picking up on some things from DotNetRocks that I wanted to look into, and I just […]