April 2005

My Guestbook has a new entry in it from a fellow named Wallace Andrew Huey, who pointed me to the Hueytown Historical Society home page. Interesting stuff. I had no […]

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time lately looking at file synchronization software. I’ve been playing around with Vice Versa Pro for a week or so, and it works reasonably […]

The iBook is back, in one piece, and working dandy! I’m a very happy person. They didn’t have to reformat or replace my hard drive, so I didn’t lose any […]

Well, it looks like my poor iBook may have the logic board problem described here. A $49 call to Apple tech support has me up and running for now, but […]

I finally got around to pulling all the songs I downloaded from the SXSW site into iTunes. 775 songs, just over 2 days worth of music. I’m really not sure […]