February 2005

Well, I missed the Christian Bale appearance at WonderCon, but I did make it to the Joss Whedon panel, among others. Lots of good stuff, even if it was raining […]

Two songs that got me through the day: (1) Nina Gordon’s cover of “Straight out of Compton”. (2) Nerdy Girl by Dealership.

I’ve been plugging a lot of numbers into this Rent vs. Buy Calculator, and most of the scenarios I come up with point me towards continuing to rent. The big […]

I went to see The Gates today. I have to admit that I was impressed. The whole thing looks great. The effect is quite surprising. This article in the Times […]

I may be taking a trip into NYC this weekend to see The Gates at Central Park. I’m not a big Christo fan, but how often does something like this […]

Comic Book Guy’s real name was revealed during last night’s post-football Simpson’s episode: Jeff Albertson. Not terribly exciting, but it sounds about right. Also, there was a brief shot of […]