Two Towers stuff:

Gollum vs. Dobby and a few other questions.

Q: So, who would win a fight between Gollum and Dobby?

Elijah Wood (aka Frodo): Definitely Gollum, because he’s bigger. He is wretched. He is heartless. He’ll do anything to win.

Jackson: Gollum would take Dobby out, no problem at all. Dobby would be flat on his back in three seconds. He’s not as conflicted as Gollum.

Andy Serkis (the voice of Gollum): Gollum. From what I’ve heard Dobby is the comic relief. Dobby is like Jar Jar Binks — a celebration of technical wizardry rather than a real character.

A review I almost completely agree with — particularly the comment on Faramir.

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