September 2002

In This ‘Superman’ Story, the Executives Do the Fighting So, will there EVER be another Superman or Batman movie?

I heard a bunch of stuff from Spiraling today on RSU, on the way home from work. Very nice! (Update 02/12/2019: Also see: Spiraling at Prog Archives.)

Growing, Selecting And Using Basil I’ve got a couple of basil plants in my apartment that I’ve somehow avoiding killing for quite some time now. I just harvested a nice […]

Spent a bit too much time today trying to figure out how I could create a DLL containing user-defined functions callable from Crystal Reports 8. The obvious route was to […]

“We have been told, time and time again in the last year, that in order to protect our freedom we must destroy it.” — Steven Grant

“I plan to watch no television tomorrow at all.” — Elayne Riggs, yesterday. Me too.