Read about a year’s worth of Daredevil today. Brian Michael Bendis is doing a heck of a job on the title, although the pacing of the story is pretty slow. If I’d actually read this stuff over the course of a year, I’d probably have gotten pretty impatient with him. I stopped reading with the last issue before the trial started; I’ll go through that run in a few months, maybe.

I found a good Daredevil site, too: ManWithoutFear.com. Lots of links to reviews, wallpaper, and other stuff.


Two Towers stuff:

Gollum vs. Dobby and a few other questions.

Q: So, who would win a fight between Gollum and Dobby?

Elijah Wood (aka Frodo): Definitely Gollum, because he’s bigger. He is wretched. He is heartless. He’ll do anything to win.

Jackson: Gollum would take Dobby out, no problem at all. Dobby would be flat on his back in three seconds. He’s not as conflicted as Gollum.

Andy Serkis (the voice of Gollum): Gollum. From what I’ve heard Dobby is the comic relief. Dobby is like Jar Jar Binks — a celebration of technical wizardry rather than a real character.

A review I almost completely agree with — particularly the comment on Faramir.

Two Towers

My old MP3 player sold already! That was quick. Now I need to get rid of my old camera, my old monitor, etc, etc… Maybe someday I’ll have enough room to more around in here again!

Took the day off today and went to see Two Towers. Just as good as Fellowship. Some beautiful panoramas, decent acting, and it sticks close enough to the book not to piss me off (too much). I do think some of the dialog diminishes the characters a bit. I won’t start a big essay with all the details, but suffice it to say that some of the characters don’t show as much, um, character as they do it the books. I understand they’re trying to create some dramatic tension, and that probably makes sense. And they have to simplify centain events and relationships.


Hey! I got my iBook to print to my desktop printer, attached to my Win XP machine! Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound impressive, but it’s something I’ve wanted to be able to do since I had the PowerBook 1400, and I’ve never been able to do it until now. Relevant links:

Gimp-Print — for PC printer drivers

Mac OS X Hints — search for “SMB”, “printing”, or something similar.

Essentially, you need to enable SMB printing, install relevant printer drivers, then add your printer, using the arcane syntax “smb://user:pass@workgroup/server/sharename”.