removing Google AdSense

I put a Google AdSense ad block on my site way back in 2010. Looking at it again in 2012, I’d gotten up to about $3 in earnings. Right now, it stands at about $15 total. So I’m still nowhere near the amount you need to reach before Google will actually pay you out, which I think is still $100. (Though I’ve read that if you close out your account, and you’re over $10, they’ll mail you a check. But I’m not sure about that.) And lately I’ve been seeing some pretty sleazy ads in my little ad block, so I think it’s time to get rid of it. So, yesterday, I removed it.

I’m using a combination of Adblock Plus and Privacy Badger myself, so I don’t even see most ads on the web. (Though I have whitelisted a bunch of sites, and ABP lets certain “acceptable” ads through by default.) My goal with this blog was never to make money. And I really only did AdSense as an experiment to learn about it. (At this point, I’ve clearly learned that I can’t make any money with AdSense. So, goal achieved!)

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