Tour of Somerville

Jonas Carney won the Tour of Somerville last weekend. Here’s the write up from the Star-Ledger, which will probably only be valid for another week or so. The funny thing about this article is that they interview a guy named Mark Garney, who I used to work with. He comes out for the race every year, but I’ve never managed to run into him. Maybe next year!

Toshiba e310

The Toshiba e310 showed up at work yesterday, while I was off watching Star Wars in NYC. I just got finished setting things up. First problem: electricity! I’m definitely pushing it at this point, with about 12 devices all plugged in to the same wall socket. Well, a lot of them aren’t really on very often, so I’m probably OK. Second problem: Getting the darn thing to play nice with my PC. You’d think this wouldn’t be a problem, what with Microsoft being responsible for both sides of the connection. It appears somewhat stable at this point. I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed. Now, off to find some oddball freeware…

Toshiba e310

Ordered a Toshiba e310 Pocket PC from Amazon last night. Looks like it ought to be a good unit. I’m still happy with my Palm i705, but my company is starting a new handheld project, using Pocket PC devices instead of Palms, so I figured I should get myself one and figure out the OS. Maybe even do a little development myself. Of course, I’ve had NS Basic for the Palm since February, and I haven’t written anything useful with that yet, so I’m probably not going to find myself with enough time to do Pocket PC development either. Well, who knows. It could happen!


Wow, I haven’t blogged in a while. Let’s see, what’s been happening…

McCartney was good. I went to North Carolina on business May 1-2. I’ve seen Spider-Man once so far, and will probably see it again next weekend. I’ve got my tickets for Episode 2, for Thursday 5/16, 3:45pm. (No 12:01 showing for me this time! I can’t stay up that late!) I should be pretty busy over the next couple of weeks. That’s about it.