We’ve been having some trouble with our main ASP.NET application in work recently. (It’s our intranet, basically.) It’s been growing a lot lately, with more and more functionality being added […]

I’ve been playing around today with the online book access I can get through ACM. You can get access to about 500 books from Safari and 400 from Books 24×7. […]

I bought Steve McConnell’s Code Complete about 10 years ago. I never quite finished reading it, but I dusted it off at some point last year, and I’ve been reading […]

I had to learn Python this week for a little project at work. (OK, I guess I didn’t *have to* learn Python, but it seemed like the best tool for […]

Check out for information on running PHP on a Mac. I’ve just started playing around with PHP a bit, since there’s a chance we’ll need to do something with […]

Hey, I managed to implement my variable table, so that’s step one. Tomorrow, I start on the function table…