I just got the 90,000 mile service done on my Civic, and it cost almost as much as my new laptop. I console myself with the fact that this is pretty much the ONLY service I’ve had done on this car since I bought it, at 49,000 miles. Also, the laptop was refurbished, hence not that expensive. Still, it’s going to be a bigger than usual credit card bill this month!

big picture

I was just looking back on some financial stuff for the last year. It seems I often forget to look at the big picture with this stuff, instead getting caught up in the details. One mutual fund that I have in my IRA has been a bit of a dud since the market went south in 2000/2001. I was gratified to see that it had gone up from about $25 to $35 over the course of the last year. Then, I zoomed back a bit more, and remembered that I bought it at around $40 back in the nineties, and that it had hit a high of about $100 before the crash. Oh well, maybe it’ll get back to $40 before I retire, so it won’t be a net loss.


My Mom mentioned that she’d seen our old boss Henry Capro on the news tonight, in some story about Ethanol. I did a little Googling, and found a reference to him here, so apparently he’s a big-shot at Garden State Ethanol now.

I also found a reference to a Henry Capro at the HGTV web site, which is probably him, given that his wife’s name is Sue, and the write-up mentions “Susanne and Henry Capro”.