Cowboy Bebop

I picked up the first 3 Cowboy Bebop DVDs over the weekend, and I’ve really been enjoying them. I just finished watching the second disc. I’ve been looking at the episode notes at Jazz Messengers after watching each episode. There’s some neat stuff in the “references” section for each ep. In particular, I’ve been following up on the musical references by searching EMusic for whatever artists/songs are mentioned. I’ve found a lot of great stuff this way.


Okay, things are just about back to normal now. No more big trips coming up. Just one little trip: BAAF, Labor Day weekend. I’m a little confused about the relationship between BAAF and AXNY. I guess I’ll have to read the web pages a little more carefully. Also, I’m trying to decide if I should stay in NYC on Friday or Saturday night. (I think I can still get a hotel room…)