Andrew Huey

Happy New Year! – I got a chance to see Adaptation and Nicholas Nickleby this weekend. Both were definitely worth seeing. – So what’s going on at Macworld right now? […]

Read about a year’s worth of Daredevil today. Brian Michael Bendis is doing a heck of a job on the title, although the pacing of the story is pretty slow. […]

Lots of stuff this weekend. A visit to Morimoto’s in Philly. Made a bunch of chocolate chip cookies. Watched the Giants win. (Yay!) And read a good deal of the […]

Two Towers stuff: Gollum vs. Dobby and a few other questions. A review I almost completely agree with — particularly the comment on Faramir.

My old MP3 player sold already! That was quick. Now I need to get rid of my old camera, my old monitor, etc, etc… Maybe someday I’ll have enough room […]

I just listed my old MP3 player on eBay, since I ordered an iPod last night. I’m getting a refurbished 5GB unit for $200. (I couldn’t quite talk myself into […]