As per my last post, I am starting a mini-vacation today, but not going to NYCC. I’ve been thinking a bit about what I might do to have fun for the next few days, and I guess I’m mostly going to just hang around the apartment, reading comics and watching movies. I put a hold on a couple of Studio Ghibli DVDs at the library, so I’ll go pick those up today and watch them.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been gradually watching or rewatching all of the Ghibli films over the last couple of years, following along with the Ghibliotheque podcast. I’m not really following their order, exactly. I recently re-watched Castle in the Sky and Howl’s Moving Castle, just because I was in the mood to rewatch those. I’m planning on watching Pom Poko today, which I’ve never seen before, and maybe Porco Rosso, which I’ve only seen once.

I could simplify this project by subscribing to HBO Max, which now has all the Ghibli films, but I still like buying Blu-rays and borrowing DVDs from the library. It makes the project more interesting, I think. I have about ten of the fancy Ghibli SteelBook Blu-rays now. I really don’t need to be accumulating more discs, but they’re not terribly expensive and there aren’t enough of them to become a storage problem.

Well, I was going to blog about a bunch of stuff that I might do on my vacation, but I wound up mostly just blogging about Ghibli. And now I feel like I should get up and go for a walk, since it is (finally) not raining, and I need some exercise.

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