One year

This month is the one-year anniversary of the pandemic lockdown. (Or whatever you want to call it. It was never really a lockdown.) My last day in the office was March 12, 2020. (It would have been the 13th, but I took that day off.) March 16 was my first day working from home. On this day last year, I wrote a blog post about a number of coronavirus-adjacent topics. I’ve been meaning to write a one-year anniversary post, with links to some interesting articles covering the last year, but I’m kind of exhausted, and it’s easy enough to find those articles if you go looking for them. I’ll just link to this One Year in a Pandemic briefing in the Times today. That article has links to a bunch of others.

At this point, I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to get a vaccine shot before mid-year. (Maybe in June, if I’m lucky?) And I’m hopeful that enough other people will choose to get the vaccine that something like “normal” can resume before the end of the year.

But I’m also pretty tired and worn out. Mind you, some of that has nothing to do with the virus. But the virus isn’t helping. Many of my usual ways of blowing off steam and clearing my head aren’t really open to me right now. No comic cons, no NYC museum visits. (And yes, I could technically go into Manhattan right now and visit the Met and MoMA today, but it would be a bad idea to do that.)

This is turning out to be kind of a gloomy post, and I didn’t really mean for it to be. But I’m a little discombobulated from the daylight saving time switch, and maybe a little messed up from the weather changes over the last week. I think my spring allergies are getting started. I’ve been having trouble sleeping and I’ve got a bit of a headache. Well, at least it’s Sunday, and I’ve got nothing much to do today. Hopefully, spending the day reading comics and watching TV will let me get back to “normal” enough to get through the coming work week.

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