JoCo Cruise

What Happens When You Put 2,000 Nerds on a Boat? – from the NY Times

I keep thinking I should go on the JoCo cruise one of these years. The 2020 cruise is March 7-14, and my birthday is near the end of that date range, so that might give me an excuse. The cruise is already 90% sold out, and the only rooms still available are in the $5000 range. That’s a bit much for me. Maybe I’ll stick with comic conventions for now. Just as nerdy and a lot cheaper!

Good line from the article above:

Mr. Sabourin and I met to talk in the ship’s casino, a place we knew would be quiet. In a lounge across the way, the JoCo planners set up more than 40 vintage video game consoles, which drew a crowd day and night. On the casino side, the dealers had nothing to do. “Everybody here actually understands probability,” Mr. Sabourin joked.

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