Marvel 99 cent sales and other comics stuff

The Beat has a good article up today, trying to explain what’s going on with the Amazon/Comixology 99 cent sales on Marvel books. As a fan, it’s kind of cool to be able to pick up some pretty good books for a buck each, but I feel a little bad for my local comic shop, when these prices are being offered on new release books. I mean, nobody’s going to spend $20 on a book at the store if they can get it for $1 on Comixology. (Well, maybe some people will. But a lot of people won’t.) I’ve bought a few of the 99 cent books over the last few weeks, but they’re all books I would never have paid cover price for anyway.

On a semi-related note, The Beat has a write-up on the Mike Mignola Q&A from MoCCA Fest that I missed last weekend. (Now I’m in the mood to read some Hellboy.)

This weekend, I’m thinking about going to the Big Apple Con. I probably shouldn’t go to comic cons two weekends in a row, but the Big Apple Con is much different from MoCCA Fest. It’s much more of a traditional comic con. There are going to be a few interesting panels at the con, including a Gold & Silver Age panel that could be fun.

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