Twelve Days of .NET: Day 4: Web API documentation

This post is part of my 12 Days of .NET series. This is a (not terribly ambitious) series of posts on .NET topics that came up while I was working on a recent C# Web API project.

If you’re going to create a REST API, it’s important to document it. For a project at my last job, I created a whole Drupal site to document our REST API. I wrote all the documentation from scratch! With the standard Web API template in VS 2017, you get documentation for free. (Well, almost free.) Here’s an article explaining how to set that up.

I also decided to create Swagger docs with a library called Swashbuckle. Swagger is pretty cool, and seems to be very popular right now. (If you want to use Swagger with ASP.NET Core, here’s a good post on that.)

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