ConvergenceConvergence by Jeff King
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hmm, this one definitely has a lot of flaws, but I had fun reading it. It’s a giant multiverse-spanning event comic, where the main heroes are… some folks from the New 52 Earth-Two comic, I think? So maybe you’d really like this if you’d read that comic, and had some emotional investment in those characters. Personally, I had no clue, so I wasn’t as invested in the fate of these characters as I could have been.

One of things that made me curious about this, initially, is that I saw Mike Grell’s Warlord on the cover of one of the issues. It turns out that Warlord (and his supporting characters) play a surprisingly large role in this book. (I’ve really got a soft spot in my heart for Warlord, since I read his comic when I was a D&D-obsessed teenager, and Warlord was the perfect character for a suburban NJ teenage D&D nut.)

The art on this book is good, but very busy. Lots of two-page spreads with dozens of characters hitting each other. But that’s what you expect from a book like this. The book was originally released weekly, so it’s “art by committee.” Good, but in a generic way. (With some Andy Kubert art in one issue that stands out as better than the rest, in my opinion.)

So, if you’re looking for a big, splashy, event book, here it is. It’s fun to read, reasonably well-written, and reasonably well-drawn.

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