too many (digital) comics

I’ve been trying to be careful about buying too many comics from Comixology and via Humble bundles lately, but it hasn’t been easy. At this point, I have enough digital comics that I could really stop buying them altogether and still have enough stuff to read for the next ten years, I think.

But I gave in and bought the Garth Ennis bundle from Humble today. I have mixed feelings about Ennis. Some of his stuff is a bit too violent for me, and honestly The Boys may well fall under that category. But Battlefields looks interesting. The Beat just posted an interesting article about the way Dynamite has been using bundles. They’ve been more active than any other publisher with them, and I guess the economics work out well for them. I’ve bought a few of the past Dynamite bundles; some of their stuff is great, but I think a lot of it is mediocre and/or just not interesting to me. But with the bundle pricing, even if half of it is crap, it’s still a good deal.

Meanwhile, Comixology just introduced a subscription service called Comixology Unlimited. You can read as much as you want for $6/month, but it looks like the selection is somewhat limited. I think I’ll stick to buying single issues from them when they have a good sale. I don’t think the $6/month option would work well for me.

I’ve occasionally thought about signing up for Marvel Unlimited, but at this point I have so many unread comics (both physical and digital) that paying for a monthly subscription service just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

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