scary iTunes bugs

This week, I’ve been following the unfolding saga of the guy who says that iTunes ate his music. There was a lot of FUD being tossed around after his initial blog post. Then there was a good follow-up on iMore, and a second follow-up that probably nailed the issue on the head. I’m still pretty leery of Apple Music, and I’m careful about backing up my iTunes library. (Maybe not as careful as I should be, though.)

For streaming music, I’m a big fan of Slacker Radio, and I subscribe to their $4/month “plus” plan, which allows me to listen offline, with no commercials. Slacker doesn’t seem to get much attention in the media, with most coverage concentrating on Spotify, Apple Music, and maybe Pandora and Tidal. But I don’t think there’s any service as good as Slacker for the price.

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