Almost done setting up my new PC

I’m just about done with setting up my new PC. It’s close enough to done now that I’ve unplugged the old PC, and moved the new one to my computer desk. (So I can eat breakfast at my kitchen table tomorrow. Yay!)

Quicken 2016 is working (mostly) OK. It was slightly flaky at one point, but seems to have gotten better. At any rate, my checking and investment accounts are all up to date and all my bills are paid. I want to do some thinking about how I’m using Quicken, and what I might want to change, but I haven’t really thought it all through yet. I even thought about giving up on it and doing something entirely different, but I can’t quite bring myself to give up on Quicken yet.

I installed the software for my Canon PIXMA MX870 and that’s working fine. I’m actually pretty impressed with this printer. I bought it in 2010, when Windows 7 was the current OS, and Canon has maintained the software and drivers for it, so it continues to work in Windows 8 and 10. (And in Mac OS X El Capitan too.) And I’ve never had any mechanical issues with it.

I still don’t have Outlook working, so I’m going to want to fix that. But it’s not that big a deal, since I don’t really use Outlook. I have it set to access my GMail account, but I really just use it as a backup, in case something catastrophic happens and Google loses all my old mail, or they delete my account for some reason, or something like that.

And I spent some time cleaning up my drive, getting rid of the SD versions of some TV shows that I had in both HD & SD, in iTunes. So now I’ve got about 200 GB free on my 1 TB drive. (I think I could free up another 100 GB if I really had to, but I should be fine for now.)

Overall, I think the XPS 8900 was a good choice. It’s a pretty standard machine, so I can do some upgrades later if I want to. It’s got a few big fans in it, but it’s very quiet. And it’s faster than the old machine, of course.

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