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I played around with the app for Mac a couple of weeks ago. I used it to write a few recent blog posts, but I’ve mostly gone back to just using the regular WordPress admin. The app is nice, but it’s not really that much better than the regular admin pages.

The app is now also available for Windows. I’ll probably install it on my ThinkPad at some point and give it a try. And, interestly, Windows Live Writer has (finally) been open-sourced and released as Open Live Writer. Windows Live Writer had a really good reputation as a great tool for authoring blog posts, and I know at least one guy who used it with WordPress and liked it. Microsoft pretty much abandoned it in 2012, and there’s been talk about open-sourcing it for quite some time. It’s great that they’ve managed to do it. I know it’s not easy with software like this that comes out of a large company.

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