TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt, BitLocker, and so on

I still don’t use any disk encryption on my (personal) laptops, but I try to keep up with news about this stuff, and I came across this article about a couple of flaws in TrueCrypt. I hadn’t really been keeping up with the fallout from TrueCrypt’s meltdown a while back, but I knew that there were some forks of it out there.

It looks like VeraCrypt is probably a good fork to choose, if you’re looking for one, as they have already patched these flaws.

I don’t see any mention of this flaw on Steve Gibson’s TrueCrypt page yet. At one point, he was advising that people continue using TrueCrypt, and that there wasn’t any good reason to abandon it. (And that was certainly true at the time.) But now there definitely is a good reason to switch to something else.

Since I have SSD drives in my ThinkPad and MacBook now, I could probably enable BitLocker on the ThinkPad and FileVault on my Mac, without too much of a performance hit. But honestly, there’s not really anything on either of those machines worth stealing, and I’m still nervous about scrambling all the bits on my drives.

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