Too much anime, again

I decided today to make a list of all the anime DVDs and Blu-Rays that I own but have not yet watched. I have DVDs and Blu-Rays scattered around the apartment in several places, with no real system, but I have a general idea as to where most of them are. I just went through them all (well, most of them) and made up a list in Evernote.

My list contains 16 entries, which doesn’t sound too bad, until you realize that most of them are series with 4 to 8 DVDs. And a number of the items on this list from 2006 are still unwatched, which is kind of silly.

I’m kind of in an anime mood right now, so maybe I’ll start watching some of this stuff again. But, then again, watching too much TV might raise my risk of Alzheimer’s. I wonder if that would apply to subtitled anime, though. It seems like that would stimulate the brain in a similar way as reading a book. (At least to a certain extent.)

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  1. That study or at least the reporting of it and the implications is not impressive – even at a superficial level disregarding methodology they are talking about physical activity vs watching TV and its relation to the development of Alzheimer’s, a false dichotomy for people running marathons wearing google glasses and etc.

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