disappearing podcasts

I wanted to watch a little Tekzilla this morning, and was surprised to find Tekzila had completely disappeared from my iTunes library. Then, I noticed that about half the podcasts I download are completely missing from iTunes. Some of them are video podcasts, and some are audio. Some are podcasts that I sync to my iPhone, and some aren’t. No particular pattern.

The ones that I sync to my iPhone are still on the iPhone, but not on my Mac. And there doesn’t seem to be any way to get them back up to the Mac. They’re not in the file system, but just missing from iTunes. And they’re not in the trash. They’re just all gone.

I’ve looked around Apple’s support forums, and I’ve seen that a lot of people have had similar problems, but I haven’t found any solution that really matches my particular problem. I’m pretty sure that, at this point, I’m going to have to re-download all the podcast episodes that I haven’t listened to yet, so that’s a pain, but I really don’t know if the problem is going to recur, or if this was just a one-time thing.

I’m so annoyed with this now that I want to switch to a different podcast client, but I’m not sure if there’s a good one that actually does what I want it to — download on the Mac, and sync selected stuff to the phone. I’m looking at Downcast and Instacast right now. I’ll probably post a follow-up on this at some point, when I figure out what I’m doing.

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