what to bring to Comic-Con

I’m having a little trouble deciding on which of my many random gadgets I should bring with me to Comic-Con this year. I’ve been thinking a bit about how this has changed over the years.  I think, for the first couple of years I went, I probably didn’t bring any — no cell phone, no laptop, nothing. If somebody back home needed me, they’d have to call my hotel and leave a message. (And if I had to return the call… geez, remember how much long-distance calls from a hotel phone cost?) And I would just ignore e-mail for the week. It wasn’t a big deal. (Hard to imagine that now.)

I remember bringing various handhelds over the years — my Palm VII, Palm i705, Toshiba E310, and possibly others. And I have occasionally brought a laptop. And a camera.

This year, I will of course bring my iPhone and iPad. I’ll probably bring my Kindle, though maybe not. I want some stuff to read on the plane, but maybe I’ll just bring a couple of graphic novels. Or read comics on my iPad. I *should* bring a laptop. But the wifi on my MacBook has been acting up, so I may not be able to use the internet on it, unless my hotel has wired connections. And my ThinkPad is kind of bulky, so I’d rather not travel with it if I don’t need to. I’m seriously thinking about just taking the iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard. I like the idea of not having to lug a laptop around with me.

This will be the first time I’ve gone to Comic-Con since leaving NMS. I had a bit more responsibility there than I do at my current job, so I felt then that it was pretty important to keep up with things, and have the ability to run Lotus Notes, and remote into the network, and stuff like that. My work now is such that I can probably just scan e-mail once or twice a day, and maybe shoot off a quick reply or two here and there. There shouldn’t be any real reason for me to have to remote in. If I’m lucky, I may actually be able to relax and enjoy the con…

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