Comic-Con Day Three

Last night’s Nerdist thing was fun. Also, much shorter than W00tstock, thankfully.

Today, I got into the con right at 9:30, and, surprisingly, walked right in the door, no waiting. The floor was actually not that crowded. I wandered around a bit, but didn’t buy anything. I went upstairs, and sat through three panels, all in the same room. First, a Marvel animation panel which included a screening of a very funny Spider-Man episode, where Loki turns Spider-Man into Spider-Ham. Silly, but funny. Then, the Quick Draw panel, which is always fun, and the Cartoon Voices panel which is also aways fun.

After that, I wandered for a bit, then went back upstairs for a couple more panels. First, a Roddenberry panel, where they talked about the movies and comics they’ve got going on, then Scott Shaw’s Oddball Comics presentation, which was hilarious, as usual.

Then, I wandered around the Gaslamp for a bit, then hopped on a very crowded trolley back to Mission Valley. It’s now just about 8pm. I’d like to go back to the con now, but I’m really tired, and there isn’t much going on tonight that I’m all that interested in. I think I’ll just stay in for the night, and maybe watch a movie here in my room.

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