ASP.NET ListView notes

I jump around between projects a lot, and I often don’t get deep enough into any particular thing to really learn it inside and out. I got a chance to work on a fairly complicated ASP.NET page recently, though, and I picked up a few new things.

The approach I took with this page, since it had a number of independent parts, was to try to keep them isolated and only spin things up when needed. So, in one panel, where I had a ListView, I wanted to get it working without using a declarative data source. This turns out to require a little bit of extra work. I found this article helpful in getting the DataPager working correctly. And this post had the best advice on how to control the visibility of the DataPager.

I think I could probably write up a couple of more posts with hints on the AsyncFileUpload control, but I’ll save those for another day.

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