fun with modal popups

At work, we frequently use the ModalPopupExtender from the Ajax Control Toolkit in our projects. I’ve got mixed feelings about this control, and about the ACT in general, but for better or worse, I do use it a lot. I discovered some functionality in the control this week that I was previously unaware of, so I thought I’d write up a blog entry on it, along with some related stuff that I stumbled across.

I needed to attach some JavaScript to the show and hide events for the popup, but wasn’t sure how to do that. It turns out that there are add_shown() and add_hiding() events that you can hook into, as described here. I initially found out about add_shown() at this StackOverflow page.

I then tried to hook up the event in the pageLoad() routine as shown in an example there. What I didn’t realize was that you can only have one pageLoad() function, and there was another one in a master page that was in my hierarchy, so my version didn’t get called. I then found out that I should change both of those to use Sys.Application.add_load() via this SO page.

Then, I followed up by learning a bit about the differences between pageLoad() and $(document).ready() at Encosia, which is one of the best sites out there for figuring out some of the trickier stuff when working with ASP.NET and JavaScript.

P.S. I just noticed that this is post # 1500 on my blog. There’s no real importance to that, but it’s always nice to hit a milestone.

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