July 2011

I haven’t posted much about Comic-Con this weekend, but I’ve been watching the news a bit, with some interest. Not much came out of it that I’m terribly excited about, […]

SDCC 2012

Just took a look at the Comic-Con Twitter feed. Looks like they’re actually starting to sell out of 2012 badges already. Geez.

I’m really sorry to see Borders going into liquidation and closing all their stores. There’s a good article about this on AnnArbor.com. (Ann Arbor is where Borders started out.)Our local […]

I’m going to be doing some maintenance programming on a PHP/MySQL site pretty soon. I know a little PHP, probably enough to get by on this project, but I’d like […]

I upgraded to TortoiseHg 2.1 yesterday. This item, under the “improvements” list, is huge: (file history) added context menu for file revision features Thank you so much for implementing this! […]