May 2011

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Saw this on a page I was working on last week:I’m pretty sure there weren’t that many open divs on the page. I imagine the original author wasn’t sure how […]

Interesting software on SourceForge that I’m not using, but probably should be: Clonezilla Greenshot Task Coach Interesting software on SourceForge that I use every day: Notepad++ 7-Zip

If you’re running an array through json_encode(), and part of that array is a reference to another array, do _not_ json_encode() *that* array first. JSON-encoding something that’s already JSON results […]


PatrickOriginally uploaded by andyhuey Today would have been my brother Pat’s 38th birthday. I was thinking about him a bit today, so I thought I’d post a photo.

Lots of things going on right now, and I just feel like I should dump them all into a blog post. This isn’t necessarily going to be an interesting or […]