San Diego Comic-Con 2010

For the second year in a row, I’ll be skipping SDCC. It’s been a weird year so far for me, but hopefully things are settling down enough that I’ll be able to go next year. I think maybe I’ll try to catch up on some comic book reading at home while the con is going on. Despite the fact that I haven’t bought a single comic book this year, I still have a huge backlog of stuff to read. I just started reading Desolation Jones this week, which started in July 2005, so that’s been sitting in the pile for a good solid five years.

domain names

For no good reason, I just went ahead and registered, so I now have, .org, and .net. And I also registered, .org, and .net. Several of these domains were owned by a domain squatter at some point in the past. That’s why I first set up my blog at — it was the only variation on my name that nobody owned yet. Now, they’re all available. I guess whoever was squatting on them gave up.

I use 1&1, and they currently charge $8 for the first year, and $9/year after that. So I’m only spending about $50 per year on domains. Not bad, considering I can remember when it cost $100 a year to register a single domain.

new router

I dropped off my Dad’s old computer monitor and an old CRT TV at Best Buy for recycling today. While I was there, I picked up a new Netgear router, model WNDR3700-100NAS. Since my old router died a while back, I’ve been using an old D-Link. It was working OK, except that I had to power cycle it every morning, otherwise it wouldn’t work with my MacBook for some reason. And I often had to power cycle it after using it copy any large files. So I decided to pick up something more powerful. I was looking at a variety of routers, but I picked this one up pretty much on a whim.

Looking around at reviews and such, I see that Small Net Builder likes it, and there’s a positive thread about it on DSL Reports. So I have high hopes.

I just finished setting up all (ok, most) of my devices to attach to it. I definitely have too many wireless devices in the house. I’ve got the MacBook, Dell laptop, Acer netbook, iPod Touch, iPad, Wii, PS3, and Apple TV. (Technically, I still have a Tivo also, but I’m not really using it anymore.) No problem connecting any of those to the normal 2.4 Ghz side. I haven’t really messed with the 5 Ghz side yet. I’m not really sure which of my devices (if any) support it and would benefit from it. I haven’t really been following this stuff lately, so I don’t know that much about it.

I also haven’t hooked up a USB drive to the thing yet, but I plan to do that. I have enough drives scattered around my apartment that it shouldn’t be a problem to find one and hook it up. Then I can start playing around with the idea of setting up some automated backups to it, maybe. (Not full backups, but just key file backups from my desktop and laptops.)


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I just boxed up my PS2 and PSP to send off to Gazelle. I’m not getting much money for them, but that’s fine — I’m really just looking to keep them out of the landfill. I think I’ve had the PS2 since 2000, and the PSP since 2005, so I’ve certainly kept them long enough.

I can still play all my PS2 games on my PS3, but I’m looking to get rid of all my UMD-format PSP games now. (I even have a couple of UMD movies. No one seems to be interested in those at all.)

I’ve gotten rid of a couple of the games via Swaptree, generally in exchange for a book or CD. I may throw the rest of them on eBay at some point and see if they sell.