more iPad notes

I’m home sick today, so I might as well write a blog post on some iPad stuff, following up on my last post.

My Marware Evo-Vue case arrived in the mail yesterday. It’s well-made and fits the iPad well.

I bought Satchel, and have used it to update my Backpack account a few times already. It works well. There are a few interface quirks, but nothing big. I wish it had the ability to detach a file from a Backpack page, and send it to GoodReader though. I’m really liking GoodReader. It’s easy to get files into it (from a computer via wifi, or from Google Docs, or GMail, or MobileMe…) and it works well as a PDF reader and file management tool.

The one other app I’m thinking about buying is PrintCentral. I don’t really need to be able to print from the iPad, but it would be nice.

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