February 2009

I’m not at WonderCon this year, but I’m spending some time browsing around for photos and news from this year’s con. Here’s a few weird photos from Wired. And there’s […]

I just installed FrontPocket on my iPod Touch. I stumbled across this program yesterday while I was working on my MobileMe issue. FrontPocket is an application that gives you (almost) […]

I’ve been using MobileMe to sync contact & calendar data between my MacBook and my iPod Touch for a while now. It works pretty well. Today, I decided to go […]

The instructor for my NYU .NET class listed three books on his syllabus. Programming C#, by Jesse Liberty, is the main book for the class. CLR Via C# by Jeffrey […]

I’m spending the weekend just hanging out in the apartment, trying to get over a cold that I probably caught last weekend at NYCC, or possibly from someone at work. […]

The Kindle 2 looks to be pretty nice, but I don’t think I’ll be getting one. There isn’t enough nifty new stuff to offset the high price. And there are […]