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I just listed some old video games on eBay. I only wanted to put up a few simple listings quickly, so I just used eBay’s most simple listing method, pulling in item details based on UPC. This method backfired on me, though. Every one of the games I listed wound up with “Gran Turismo 2” in bold letters above the stock box art photo. That was the first game I listed, so I guess some bug pulled it from page to page as I was listing stuff. While you can revise listings on eBay, it seems that you can’t fix something that’s wrong in the standard layout that’s generated when you pull in an item description. Very frustrating.

I tried the eBay online chat support, to see if I could get it straightened out. In the end, I’m not even sure if I convinced the support rep that anything was wrong. I think she thought I was just too stupid to navigate the “revise your item” page. Oh well. Everything else in the listings is right, so I just added a line to the description asking people to ignore the “Gran Turismo 2” heading.

These are old PS1 and PS2 games that nobody’s likely to want anyway. I just thought I’d toss them up on eBay to see if I could find them a new home rather than tossing them in the garbage.

In looking through other listings for PS1 games, in particular, I was surprised to see some games going for more than they originally cost. Apparently, the “black label” version (vs. the “greatest hits” version) of some of the old games is considered collectible. I guess that’s no stranger than some of the stuff that makes certain comic books more collectible than others (price variants and so on).

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