WonderCon – Sunday

The day started out a bit rainy and windy, so I got a little wet on my way to the Moscone Center this morning, but it was nice and clear when I surfaced at 5pm. Hopefully, everything will be fine for the flight home tomorrow.

I bought a few comics today, including the first ten issues of the Justin Gray / Jimmy Palmiotti Jonah Hex book. I’ve heard good things about it, so when I saw the issues in somebody’s dollar boxes, I grabbed them.

I spent most of the day in panel rooms. I went to the Tim Sale panel, the Wildstorm panel, and the Art of the Cover panel that Mark Evanier does every year. That’s always fun.

Finally, I ended the day watching the New Frontier movie. I was quite impressed with it. I think they captured the essence of the original Darwyn Cooke comic reasonably well. The animation, character design, and overall look of the movie was great. I was afraid that it would all be watered down, but it was very well done and true to the original.

Overall, it was a great con. Not too crowded, but certainly not empty. Plenty of good guests and interesting panels. Definitely a good little late-winter vacation!

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