new monitor

My old Planar LCD monitor died this week, so I went out to Best Buy and bought a new LG monitor, a 19″ widescreen. This new monitor doesn’t have any more screen real estate than the old one, but the widescreen thing is interesting. I’m not sure I like it better than the standard aspect ratio on the old monitor.

I’m also thinking that I may not have got the color calibration quite right; I went through the whole process of setting it up, using the LG software, but it still looks a bit too pink. Maybe I’ll have to try it again. And maybe I need to look at the video card driver too, and see if anything there needs to be adjusted.

I dropped off the old monitor at the Somerset County Recycling facility today. Conveniently, it died just a few days before the monthly drop-off day. I’d never been down there to drop anything off before. It went relatively smoothly; I just had to wait in line behind a few other cars for a few minutes, then they just took the monitor out of my car and off I went. (On my way out, the line had gotten much longer, so I think I need to remember to get there before 10am, if I ever have to go back.) I was surprised at how many computers they had piled up there. I saw an old first-gen iMac, a blue & white G3 tower, and a big pile of beige/grey/black boxes of various models. I’m hope they’re doing something responsible with them, and not just burying them in a hole somewhere.

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