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I haven’t had much spare time for .Net books lately, but I decided to try and make some progress on Rocky Lhotka’s Expert C# Business Objects book last night. I’d read the first two chapters a while ago. I just started into chapter three last night, reading through his material on .Net remoting. Interesting stuff, and a reasonably understandable explanation. There’s a DNR TV episode featuring Rocky that I should probably watch too.

Meanwhile, a consultant I’m working with is encouraging me to check out SubSonic. I played around with an earlier version of this awhile back. It looks like they’ve made some progress on it, and it seems to be gaining in popularity. I wish there was a book on SubSonic, or at least some organized documentation, but I guess I really just need to download it again and play around, and maybe look through the forums.

My problem is that I really don’t have any time for “playing around” during the work day, and I usually don’t have the mental energy to mess around with this stuff at home most nights. (Well, I guess I just have to work on that! More caffeine, maybe?)

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  1. I’ve been working as hard as I can to get up with all the docs and tutorials I can think of. There are webcasts, walkthroughs… all sorts of stuff.

  2. Kevin & Rob: thanks for the pointers! I really do need to get cracking on SubSonic. The site does seen to have some useful docs & stuff.

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