June 2007

I bought a 2GB MicroSD card for my SLVR this week. I don’t really need to use the phone as a music player, since I already have an iPod Nano […]

I’m down to 632 messages left in my Lotus Notes inbox! I think I’m doing a pretty good job of categorizing things (for reference), getting rid of unnecessary stuff, and […]

There’s a good new article on GTD over at money.cnn.com. I like the think I’m doing OK with GTD at work, but I’m definitely NOT stress-free. I think I’m managing […]

I downloaded a game called Chuzzle to my new phone yesterday. It’s a pretty cool puzzle game from PopCap. Very addictive. The SLVR is the first cell phone I’ve owned […]

I got myself a new Motorola SLVR a couple of days ago. My old phone was working fine, but it was several years old, and wasn’t compatible with Verizon’s Mobile […]

A while back, I considered signing up for Verizon’s iobi service. I didn’t do it at the time, but I’ve been thinking about it again. I just checked the Verizon […]