iTunes economics

Lately, I’ve been adding money to my iTunes account from various sources, rather than just putting stuff on my credit card. I’ve been cashing in pennnies, nickels, and dimes at CoinStar, and getting iTunes credit in return. And, a while ago, I bought a $50 iTunes card at CostCo for $45, and put that into my account.

Today, I was buying a gift certificate for someone from AmEx, using my rewards points, and I decided to spend some points on an iTunes certificate for myself while I was at it. I didn’t look at the fine print too closely, though. The certificate you get through AmEx is a 50 song certificate, rather than, say, a $50 certificate. The difference seems to be that you can only use it towards individual song purchases, as explained in this tech note on Apple’s site. So, that’s a bit of a pain, since I’m usually only buying albums. Also, song credits expire after six months or so; regular dollar-value credit doesn’t. I guess I’ll have to spend it on individual songs, and maybe buy some albums song-by-song rather than all at once.

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