May 2007

I finished reading the GTD book today. I picked up Ready for Anything last week, so I guess I can start reading that now. I’m doing well, I think, with […]

Apple rolled out “iTunes Plus” today, their DRM-free, higher-quality audio format. Any songs you already own that are now available in the new format can be “upgraded” for 30 cents […]

The NY Times had a review of Satoshi Kon’s new movie Paprika in Friday’s paper. It’s a fairly positive and reasonably well-informed review. Of course, regardless of any reviews, I’d […]

I went into NYC and saw Once today. It’s really good. It’s a shame it’s not in more theaters. I haven’t listened to The Frames recently, but this film reminded […]

Last night, I started trying to use Backpack for organizing some lists related to implementing GTD for personal stuff. Backpack seems like a good choice, since it’s web-based, and hence […]

You know, I hadn’t even noticed that Star Wars Celebration IV started today. I was never seriously thinking about going to this, but it does look like fun.

I had a little problem with some MP3s today that turned out to be easily fixable with Vbrfix. I remember using this program for something a while ago, but I’d […]