August 2006

My car hit 123,456 miles this week. I wasn’t actually looking down at the odometer when it happened; I just noticed it was a bit past there after I got […]

Film Forum in NYC will be doing something called Pythonalot in September and October. I’m hoping I can find time to get into the city and see a few Python […]

I was watching The Incredibles just now, and I realized something that had gone right past me the first few times I saw the movie. When Helen says “india golf […]

Neat article about Gary Gygax, the creator of Dungeons and Dragons. I haven’t played D&D in years, but I have fond memories.

It turns out that NJM Bank also has pretty good rates on CDs, and I’m pretty sure they’re trustworthy, based on my experiences with their car insurance. They have an […]

I spent some time today looking at CDs. is a pretty useful site for comparing rates. I looked at ING Direct and E*Trade, among other places. E*Trade currently has […]