Notetaking applications for the Mac

  • NoteTaker from Aquaminds — nice look and some interesting features.
  • StickyBrain from Chronos — lots of features. Can sync with iPod and Palm.
  • NoteBook from Circus Ponies — big on outlining and general note-taking. Very colorful.
  • MacJournal from Mariner — oriented towards keeping a personal journal and blogging.
  • Formation from Radical Breeze — almost like a database program. Custom fields/forms, stuff like that.
  • Hog Bay Notebook — appears to be a fairly simple notebook app. Nice-looking, though.

All of these are pretty interesting. Meanwhile, I’m still using iOrganize, which isn’t as flashy as any of these, but does the job.

new iBook

My new iBook showed up today! So far, so good. Migrating information from the old iBook was really easy, using Tiger’s Migration Assistant. It took about an hour over FireWire. Now, I’m letting it run Software Update. That looks like it’ll take another hour or so. When all is said and done, I should have an iBook much like my old one, only with a bigger screen, faster processor, bigger hard drive, etc, etc. Much less hassle than I’d have migrating a Windows machine.