Patrick’s service

Patrick’s service was Friday night. It went well, with a whole lot of people attending. I barely made it in time, though, due to some really bad traffic on 287 and the Parkway. I may also be in trouble with a few people, since I managed to misidentify a few relatives, in one case mistaking someone for her mother. Oops. At least I remembered to bring the prayer cards.

Heather posted a link to a fairly lengthy, and surprisingly accurate, obit in the Ledger that ran yesterday. Her web site was mentioned, which probably upped her hit count a bit, and elicited a number of comments in her guest book. Browsing through those, I noticed one from Pat’s childhood friend, Frank Gural, who I hadn’t thought about in years. I remember that Pat was friends with Frank and his twin brother, whose name I can’t quite remember. (Maybe Joe?)

I noticed the hit count for my page going up a bit in the last few days too, probably due to people clicking on the “Andy Huey” link on This kind of made me feel like I needed to post something intelligent. This is the best I can do for now. It still hasn’t completely sunk in yet that I won’t be able to ask him if he liked the Crisis on Infinite Earths comic that I gave him for Christmas, or talk to him about Return of the King, or ask him for help on Neverwinter Nights, or any of that stuff. I won’t be able to tell him to check out Philip Pullman’s books. I won’t be able to ask him questions about setting up PHP and Movable Type. I won’t be able to roll my eyes and groan at all the cutesy cat stuff on his web page…

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