I’ve purposely been avoiding posting anything about my brother. I just hope he gets better. I’ve been spending a bunch of my spare time reading comics, browsing tech stuff on the web, and playing Simpsons Hit & Run, just to distract myself from thinking about it too much. I’ve probably spent way more time playing around with my new cell phone than is really warranted. And I’ve been looking at specs on new laptops, even though I probably won’t be buying one any time soon. And I made chili yesterday, and chocolate chip cookies on Sunday.


I signed up for a new 2-year agreement with Verizon Wireless this week, and got a new Kyocera KX414 phone. The reviews on this phone over at Wireless Gaming Review aren’t too good, but I wasn’t really intending to use it for gaming. I’m trying to decide if I should sign up for Get It Now for e-mail and web access, then just cancel my account. It’d be cheaper, but the screen is so tiny, and there’s only the numeric keypad, so it seems like it’d be a pain to use.

Non-obvious tech tip of the day

Downloading quotes for a preferred stock into Quicken:

“Edit the symbol name in Quicken by removing the space, the P, and the R, and replacing them with a hyphen (-). “

Oh yeah, I would have eventually figured that out on my own. The P and the R! Of course! And here I was thinking I could just type in the ticker symbol as-is, off Quicken’s own friggin’ web site! What was I thinking?