October 2003

Josh Benton is blogging from Zambia. Some interesting stuff, and a bunch of fairly mundane (but still kind of interesting) stuff.

I just found out that the Walter Reade Theater is doing a Lord of the Rings trilogy weekend in January, showing the extended versions of all three films, and doing […]

Lots of strange music news over the last week or so. I just stumbled across AudioLunchbox, which should be opening on Oct. 31. They have a little jukebox app working […]

How not to run an online store: – First, put in a JavaScript age-checking routine that works under IE, but not under Mozilla, so that everyone using that browser is […]

Emusic has been sold and is going to discontinue unlimited downloads, instead offering 40 songs a month for $10. Still a pretty good deal, if you can find 40 songs […]